Ways to effectively lose weight

Ways to effectively lose weightEffective weight loss is a real art. Most of us have many diets and attempts to shake off the extra pounds. Even if by reducing calorie intake did we lose weight, usually lost during diet weight returned. So what do to weight loss turned out to be long-lasting? Here are the ten commandments that make losing weight more efficiently.

Effective weight loss requires a bit more effort, but the results may surprise you. Try the following recommendations concerning the basic principles of weight loss. Perhaps at the beginning will be difficult to implement. But soon it turns out that new habits will become second nature and you will yourself to imagine a return to the old diet and lifestyle. Remember: lose weight is only half the battle. When you lose weight, you have to get used to your body to the new weight, keeping it for months. In this way you can get that will be much more difficult. Remember this, when the euphoria after descending from the scale showing the dream the number of pounds you’ll want to reach for something that must have eaten, struggling with the. Here are the 10 Commandments for effective weight loss.

Weight loss is a process that you need to plan for an extended period of time

The majority of the diet, especially those very extreme, is based mainly on water loss. After them the body as soon as he returns to its former weight. They have meaning only when within a few days you need to lose a few inches at the waist to fit into your favorite dress and look good on the big ball. While used too often make your body’s havoc: the yo-yo makes more and more tyjesz, and periods of breatharianism slow down the metabolism so that subsequent attempts to bring more and worse effects. It is therefore better to talk not about diet, and to change the diet and the whole process to plan for many months: prepare for slow weight loss and periods, when despite the efforts, the weight or budge.

Weight loss will bring effect, if you eat small portions, but more often

It has been proven scientifically that eating the same product in two meals during the day can lead to gaining weight, and in five meals – for weight loss. This is due to the fact that your body, accustomed from arguing it vehemently to periods of famine, is trying to do inventory on “rainy day” in the form as you drove your waist line. Two meals a day is a signal that the food supplies to arrive and the time to prepare for the post. While eating small portions of four-five times a day, you give your body that food does not run out and all the energy you can safely consume on current needs, and even reduce the accumulated stocks.

Slimming will be thoughtful and effective if you plan your meals

Rethinking what You eat tomorrow is a great way to follow your diet and not to eat fluxing things. It will allow you to plan meals eaten at work (and their prior preparation), make a shopping list and get used to regular hours of meals. This way you will not be forced to eat in junk food, because you forgot to take something to work, and you can easily control what and how much you eat throughout the day. And if, however, the traditional approach to weight loss is not for you, check out the Fit Me Thai page, where you will find many products that effectively accelerate weight loss.

During weight loss, drink approx. Two litres of unsweetened liquids per day

Of course, the water is not carbonated. Why? Fat is broken down with water and without water there is no weight loss. Of course, you should abandon all sweetened drinks, and light version, sweetened sweetened. It is true, these drinks are not calorie, but it does not solve the whole problem. Sweeteners, whether or not having calories, make the insulin appear in your body – the mechanism of secretion is coupled with sweet taste. So we fall in blood sugar and the feeling of hunger appears. Although the drinks themselves are low-calorie, they make you eat more.

If you lose weight, carefully read the labels of the products you buy. Don’t get swept up in the advertising and the assurances of manufacturers that their products are organic and healthy. At the time of purchase it is interesting to note that the category “light” was not exactly specified and each producer may mean something quite different: low-fat product, or with less sugar, or low-calorie. So let’s see, what you eat. And keep in mind that skimmed products often contain enough carbohydrates, that does not help you in weight loss.

Physical exercise will help weight loss

Fat burning is the fastest by a very intense effort. The experts are saying about the March, enough to be a talk without a screeching halt. You may want to so at least part of the way to work, take a walk? 10 thousand steps it might a little, but repeated regularly gives really visible effects. Stand at least ten minutes within each hour. Is another way for a bit of traffic. Essential for all those who spend most of the day in a sitting position. To stimulate metabolism simply does not sit in the tram or bus, standing up, or the quiet wait at the bus stop.

In slimming, you have so far put enough energy to produce the desired effect. However, the flat belly as there was, so no. The desire is not enough – you still need expertise. That’s why we gathered in one place the most likely bugs that could saboted your effort. These 7 marked in red are really common. Read, think about, and try again. Now seriously.

Because you live in stress

Stress is another factor very strongly disruptive to hormonal balance. If you are for a long time subjected to its action (it can cause not only trouble at work or at home, but also too frequent and exhausting workouts), in your body begins to rage cortisol – a stress hormone. Its excess promotes the storage of fat and hinders its combustion, and in addition-as shown in the study conducted in Mexico-increases the appetite and the risk that you do not get a calorie snack.

Because you’re not practicing with weights

You spend hours on the treadmill and Orbitreku, you count the calories burned, and the effect is not seen specifically? It’s hard to get surprised, since cardio training with a uniform intensity (e.g. when you run for several kilometers at the same speed) in burning fat much more effective is strength training (the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn the body) or Interval training, in which periods of very intense effort are intersperted with short, active breaks. With it, you burn fat not only during exercise, but long after it, because it raises the metabolic rate.

Because you have enough traffic

How often do you train? If you are three times a week, you are sure to consider yourself an active person. On the one hand, the right – many of us are not practicing at all. On the other hand, our grandmother did not exercise at all, and they were slim, because during the day they burned a lot more than us. What about an hour of running will burn a few hundred calories, since the rest of the time you sit behind the desk or in the car? Therefore, first, do not reward yourself after training an unhealthy snack (I ran, I can!), and secondly, move as soon as you can: eg. Forget about the elevator and talk on the phone, sting.

Physical activity – How to make friends with sports?

Physical activityThere is a widespread conviction that “movement is a health” and this seems obvious, but judging by the level of physical activity of our society, it can be concluded that this statement does not quite speak to the public’s imagination, or at least not enough to Enough to be motivated to act – and why?

The effectiveness of our conduct in almost every area of life depends to a large extent on our motivation, and it is the stronger, the deeper internal beliefs it derives. The so-called external motivation, based on external motives, often imposed – “because the doctor ordered…”, “because the wife asked…”, “because a colleague is doing so…”, “because it is now fashionable…” – or mobilise us to act at all, or will only be instantaneous, Quickly fading enthusiasm, which in the case of friendship with sport will transform the effort made in a fleeting, though May and turbulent romance, but with all its consequences in the form of discouragement, overtraining or even injury (sport we understand here as Regular physical activity with a focus on competing to overcome their weaknesses and to achieve benefits, mainly in the health aspect.

Firstly, it is necessary to realize how many benefits can be addressed as a result of regularly undertaken physical exertion.

Second, we need to understand that it is in our hands the responsibility for our health that it is never too late to change the lifestyle to be more active and it is not as difficult as some of it seems.

And thirdly, you should know how to proceed to achieve the desired effects, which will further motivated for further activity.

Awareness and motivation

For all those for whom the assertion that “movement is health” is just an empty phrase, it is worthwhile to make sense of the real benefits of regularly taken physical activity, to cite several arguments.

As a result of a series of adaptive changes in the body, physical exercise improves its overall physical performance. This is important not only for athletes who depend on a sports outcome, but for each of us, since our physical performance depends on the inconvenience of daily efforts, the speed of fatigue and the pace of aging of the organism. It is worth adding that after exceeding 20. of age, physical performance decreases in both women and men, with people the rate of this reduction being 2 – 3 times higher than in athletes people.

  •     The beneficial effect of physical exercise on the cardiovascular system is used for the prevention and/or treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension and stroke. It is also not negligible that cardiovascular disease is the cause of approximately 50% of all deaths in Poland.
  •     Research has shown that regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing cancer and improves the functioning of the immune system by preventing bacterial and viral infections.
  •     Moderate-intensity physical exertion affects the central nervous system (CNS): It prevents aging, increases cognitive ability and delays the development of many degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Stressful changes in brain chemical composition (increased levels of serotonin and endorphins) can prevent some forms of neurological imbalance (e.g. depression).
  •     Regular physical exercises, especially of a strength nature, are beneficial to the condition of muscular tissue. This is an important argument not only for bodybuilders, as a well-groomed “muscle suit”, “tailored to each individual”, keeps the metabolism at a sufficiently high level, ensures proper posture and strength and the power to overcome Everyday difficulties.
  •     Physical exertion plays a key role in both maintenance and weight regulation. The increased energy expenditure as a result of physical work is conducive to the supply of adequate nutrients from food, necessary for the preservation of health, without the risk of undesirable weight gain. During the period of weight reduction, regular exercise first protects against loss of muscle tissue and reduces body fat and secondly facilitates negative energy balance, which is a key element of any reduction strategies Weight. In the reverse situation, when it seeks to increase body weight, exercise prevents excessive fat increase.
  •     Improved metabolic performance, which occurs as a result of regular physical exercise, positively affects blood lipid profile and glucose tolerance and prevents metabolic diseases.
  •     Physical exercise increases the mechanical strength of bone and Ścięgnistej, helping to maintain normal joint mobility, reducing the risk of painful and stiffness in old age and play an important role in prevention Osteoporosis.

Diet for Healthy Eyes

A healthy diet has a significant impact on the quality of our vision and eye condition. A suitable diet for eyesight can prevent problems with the hydration of eyes, which nowadays complain almost everyone. Proper nutrition should include vitamins and minerals. The diet for the eyes must also be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found m.in. In Pisces. The following substances also have a great impact on vision: anthocyanins and lutein. How should a diet look for healthy eyes?

Diet for Healthy Eyes

Eye problems

The most common eye problems are drying out their mucous membranes as a result of environmental pollution, tobacco smoke, UV rays or allergens. Eye pain also occurs after long-term work or play at the computer, as well as after hours of watching TV or even driving a car. The symptoms of ocular dryness are:

  • So-called. The sand under the eyelids – an unpleasant feeling of dryness and discomfort of the eyes,
  • Eye Burning,
  • Redness of the whites of the eyes,
  • Increased tearing,
  • Tired eyes.

Such symptoms can only be an introduction to a condition affecting the tear-secreting mechanism, i.e. dry eye syndrome. These symptoms may, but do not necessarily mean that the disease will appear. If symptoms worsen, however, contact an ophthalmologist.

Vitamins for Eyesight

The diet for the eyes is primarily known for all healthy diets containing vitamins and minerals in the most easily absorbed form – in foods. The most advantageous for seeing vitamins have antioxidant properties, ie busting free radicals causing oxidative stress and cell destruction. Vitamin-Antioxidants are vitamins C, A and E.

Vitamin A is a whole group of organic substances called retinoids, whose deficiency causes the so-called. Blindness (Twilight blindness) and kseroftalmię (dry eye syndrome). This vitamin, when combined with opsyną, builds a visual purple that enables the receiving of visual stimuli in the retina of the eye. It is therefore not possible to overestimate its importance in the prevention of eye diseases and deterioration of sight. Vitamin A can be eaten in plant products, where it occurs as a provitamin called beta-carotene (transforms into vitamin only in the body) or in animal products, in its target form. You can find it in:

  • Carrot
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkin
  • Liver

Healthy diet for the eyes

An important component of any healthy diet are the polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which are the building blocks of neural tissue, including the retina in the eye, and photoreceptors. The best their source is tran and oily fish, such as salmon. This fish also contains vitamins A and D, which also improve the condition of the eyes. Salmon is one of the best nutritional “adjuvants” of view.

Immunity – Facts and myths

Immunity systemThe immunity of the organism is nothing more than its defensive reactions, which are designed to eliminate dangerous microbes, viruses and bacteria. The immune system is responsible for the protection of our body. It contains the following organs: spleen, thymus, bone marrow and lymph nodes. The immune system also forms the skin, mucous membranes, blood leukocytes and some bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Here are some of the misleading statements about resilience and a handful of scientifically-proven facts that will make the fight against an army of viruses, bacteria, and other microbes happen – hopefully easier.

Thymus is an organ necessary for the development of immunity

The fact of the thymus primarily produces lymphoid cells – Tymocyty (T lymphocytes), and they shape the immune system. The number of cells depends on the stability of the immune system or, in other words, its strength or weakness (in the case of deficient lymphocytes in the body, our resistance is severely impaired). The thymus also produces tymulinę and tymozynę. The first hormone stimulates the production of T cells, the second accelerates their maturation and plays an important role in combating autoimmune diseases. The Problem is that the thymus, which reaches its optimal size when we are still bimature, after puberty begins to decrease slowly, and in some even fades. This means one thing: the cells of the thymus that wander into the peripheral lymphatic tissues of adults one them already with a stroke or not at all. In a word, in old age we will only benefit from what we earn as a young one.

> > > A natural antibiotic. Fights infections, strengthens immunity
Guardian immunity is… spleen

The fact of the spleen is delicate and not too large, and one of its functions is to support our immunity. Being part of the lymphatic system of the spleen it participates in the production of lymphocytes, i.e. immune cells. It also produces antibodies needed to fight infections. So what happens when it is necessary to remove the spleen, eg. Because of the rupture or disease of this organ? The body functions, but its immunity is no longer the same as before.

This healthier body is hardened

The fact is not only popular wisdom, but the fact that scientists confirm – the body is hardened less susceptible to infection. It is no wonder that the authors of most health guides suggest: “Hartuj, and you will be healthier.” But how to do it?

Too long to stay outdoors in cooler days weakens the immune system

The myth of the fresh air is worth staying as long as possible, and it is no matter what the weather is. Being outdoors, especially on colder days, strengthens our resilience, not – as some people say – weakens it. However, we need to remember the appropriate clothing, so that we will not be too cold or too warm. Of course, staying in the open air is not to rely on a situation in the place, but on sports or physically active in any other way. Even ordinary walks have a positive impact on our immune system, especially those of regular and long.

Stress has a negative effect on the functioning of the immune system

The fact of long-term stress, anxiety, restlessness, hostility, depression, accumulated tensions are factors osłabiającymi the immune system, because between emotions and the immune system there is a greater dependence than we think. American scientists have found that people who are constantly stressed, have less active lymphocytes, which means lower resistance to external factors, such as viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is worth to be able to cope with stress, because of the stress itself-unfortunately-rather of our life will not eliminate. How best? There is no single universal prescription, because for each of us it is an individual matter. It is definitely worth to find time to relax, learn to think positively and not to blame for everything, except to have a good friend, to walk for walks and to practice sports.
There are different types of natural immunity preparations in pharmacies. However, their use does not make much sense

Myth in the period of increased morbidity, preparations of plant origin may be used, because they have immunostimulant properties and increase the natural defence Forces of the organism (they raise antibody levels, thus preventing the development of Infection).

Antioxidants restore youth complexion

Antioxidants, antioxidants, antioxidants … Three names to define one group of substances necessary to maintain the youthful insight (and not only!). Their task involves disposal of free radicals, that is, molecules that electrons do not have steam. The latter are everywhere: in the air, eating, also arise in our body as a result of metabolic processes, the smoke from the cigarettes, UV radiation. “Unpaired” radicals are looking for each other and combine with healthy atoms. You can compare them to the real man, which breaks a permanent relationship, seduce a partner of another man.

Antioxidants And this-deprived couples – becomes a free rodnikiem and breaks down the next pair. This forms the chain reaction. But you can prevent this! Here goes into action antioxidant. It is the electrons that are easier prey for free radicals than electrons of atoms in our body. Is “an attractive friend”, which suggests a podrywaczowi, to leave alone the girl another partner. Simply dispose of the hydroxyl radical, stopping the chain reaction.

Bad radicals

Free radicals are responsible for many of the negative processes in the body. Weaken immunity, accelerates the development of atherosclerosis, zaćmie. Hurt also beauty, because they destroy the lipids that are a protective layer of the epidermis that prevents water loss. In the DermIS radicals destroy collagen and elastin fibers, which reduces the flexibility and accelerates the formation of wrinkles.

To the rescue of the skin

The activities of radicals intensifies in the summer, when a lot of you are in the Sun. That is why now we need large amounts of antioxidants, provided both from the outside (care) and inside (diet). List of antioxidants is long (see). We chose four, which is usually found in creams and food.

Vitamin A and beta carotene: carrots, pumpkin, egg yolk, tuna, apricot (fresh and dried), spinach, butter, enriched by good quality margarine sandwich. If you do not have time to wipe away the carrots for a salad to buy one-day juice and drink it to lunch. Be sure to fish that are not only rich in antioxidants, but also priceless fatty acids-healthy for your heart.

Vitamin c: parsley, red bell pepper, kiwi, oranges, strawberries, sauerkraut, black currants make a habit of adding parsley to all dishes. Also remember that frozen fruit left overnight outside the freezer compartment will be the perfect addition to your cereal in the morning. Did you know that two kiwi will cover your need for vitamin C for the day?

  • Vitamin e: vegetable oils (such as sunflower oil), almonds, margarine, sandwich, nuts, vegetable oils are indeed a rich source of vitamin E, but add them raw for salads, vegetables. Only get an extra dose of antioxidants. Frying, leave to another time, and it is best to avoid this completely.
  • Selenium: Brazil nuts one piece a day provides a daily dose of the selenium. So despite its high price worth to invest, and antioxidant strength will definitely be stronger.
  • Polyphenols (catechins): green and white tea, red wine, black currant Extra plus drinking green or white tea will be adequate hydration of the body. Try to eliminate the black tea for the benefit of a healthier green.

Not to destroy the antioxidants

Incorrect storage or preparing a meal can destroy valuable antioxidants. What so to do, to get as much of their use and at the same time enjoy good taste food?

  • Green Tea zalejmy water, the temperature of which does not exceed 60st. (C).
  • Nuts and vegetable oils buy in small quantities; keep them in a dark, cool place.
  • Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C Let’s eat on a raw or lightly cooked (preferably in parowarze). Let us all join them with products rich in vitamin E – we will have a better use of both antioxidants.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices may not be long in a well lit store. It is better to squeeze yourself and drink immediately.

You can also use juice day, where time is very short. Speaking of antyoksydantach it should be mentioned that the body is not able to virtually all store. It is therefore necessary to deliver them several times a day. What we eat every day translates into is how we look, what state is skin, hair, nails are we vulnerable to stresses of everyday life. Therefore, in addition to the use of antioxidants, you can also take a magnifying glass your menu.

White tea for slimming and more

White tea-the properties of this drink are known already for a long time. Like other teas, contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which combat free radicals in the body, help protect against the onset of certain diseases, including cancer. What other activity has white tea? Is it worth it to replace her other beverages? Here are a few facts about it. How is white tea?

White teaWhite tea is obtained from the leaf buds of spring tea bushes, which first heats up steam in order to neutralize the enzymes, and then dried. So it is not subjected to multiple processing, which helps keep her rich effects. White tea is characterized by a very clear, straw coloured hue, delicate taste and aroma. It is best to choose a white tea deciduous trees and the least processed, without additional, artificial fragrances.

White tea – effects on the body

The properties of white tea are much appreciated, and thanks to its specific composition is considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world. Why owes its effects? Here are some of the advantages of drinking white tea:

  • acts refreshingly and stimulant-contains the ok. two times more caffeine than green tea and four times more than black,
  • has the largest among tea polyphenol content, which works strongly antioxidant (“sweeps” excess free radicals oxygen from the body)-so as a component of the diet can help prevent cancer or cardiovascular diseases,
  • age-defying properties, helps in the regeneration of skin cells and keeping her younger appearance for longer, is also protective against damage from UV radiation,
  • antibacterial and helps the body fight off infections,
  • promotes oral health by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria,
  • Some studies suggest that the properties of white tea may help diabetes therapy-this has the potential to relieve ailments such as polydipsia (excessive thirst and consuming drinks), and, moreover, reduces the level of glucose and increases secretion of insulin,
  • flavonoids contained in the white tea make this drink is to prevent the development of cardiovascular disease decreases because blood pressure, helps to adjust the level of lipids, and reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein low density).

Effect of white tea on the body is very versatile, so why not enjoy the popularity as black or green? The problem turns out to be price-white tea is produced on a smaller scale and more costly, especially if it comes to a good quality tea. However, given its numerous health benefits, you might want to be tempted.

White tea for weight loss: does it actually work?

There have been reports suggesting that white tea is also on the prevention of adipogenezie, which is the process of the formation of new fat cells. Catechin contained in white tea are also able to slightly speed up the metabolism, which recommends them as an aid in losing pounds on a diet of weight loss. Another component of white tea, which is considered an ally slender body, is, of course, caffeine. Similar properties to other teas-test showed for example. very positive impact green tea for weight loss. In addition, remember that drinking white tea may be insufficient change in habits. If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce the portions of food, eat more vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and say goodbye to candy, commercial snacks and fatty, fried dishes. White tea for sure but will not prevent you along the way to the goal is cute.

White tea during pregnancy – can I drink it safely?

The issue of caffeine intake in pregnancy is a matter of discussion, but officially professionals still recommend its moderate consumption. In addition, the caffeine content in tea may vary depending on the manufacturer, which showed published on American social comparison. White tea is a rich source of caffeine, so just in case, be careful. However, if you’re not drinking coffee and not przesadzisz with the amount of white tea, for example. poprzestaniesz on a Cup, should not harm you and your baby. Remember that your diet and drinks after that draw, it is always better to consult a doctor.

Jujube tea: Health properties

Although we already get used to that on the shelves we find fruits and vegetables from around the world, not always even know how to call where they come from and how to use them. These little-known and rare, exotic novelties include the fruits of the glozyny or jujuby (not to be confused with jojoba &), commonly known as “Chinese sour cream date pie” (Ziziphus jujuba).

Jujube teaJujube tea

In our country, “Chinese dates” are still not popular and available mostly in the form of dried. They can be sometimes found in large grocery stores, but it’s much easier to find them in stores offering products and Eastern and Oriental spices. There you can meet these interesting fruits in the form of tea. Jujube tea with honey (with the consistency of jam).

Dried fruit after the deprivation of seeds (most of the fruit is dried unpitted, so you must remove it, as in the case of prunes), can be thought of as a healthy snack or use as a supplement to the cakes, pastries, compotes or salads.

Common glozyny fruit contains a significant amount of protein, vitamins, Bioflavonoids and minerals, supports the action of the digestive system. Jujube appearance are similar to plums and taste resemble dates, they are used in Ayurvedic medicine.


  • supports the respiratory protection
  • preferably work on cardiovascular system
  • strengthens the body in the United States, chronic fatigue and weakness
  • calms in the stress and nervous tension
  • promotes relaxation and a good night’s sleep

Jujuba in cosmetics and medicine

“Chinese dates” have, however, not only in the kitchen, but also in medicine and cosmetics. Due to its therapeutic properties, in the countries of origin were appreciated for centuries, we know only of their possibilities. In the composition of the fruit we find a huge wealth of vitamins (especially vitamin C and B vitamins) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese), as well as valuable amino acids, flavonoids, glycosides, alkaloids and many other substances biologically active substances.

For medicinal purposes is particularly taken with fruit extract, available in stores or specialty plants. Extract from Ziziphus jujuba we find also in the composition of certain dietary supplements (mainly Tiens-Date Oral Liquid extract of Chinese dates) and cosmetics (such as hennie, creams with liftingującym for example. Elixir by nature-lifting and rejuvenating Serum-anti-ageing).

Jujuba or jujube, is also known under the name of Chinese date. The fruits of this shrub in taste reminiscent of Apple and have a lot of nutritional and medicinal. In stores you can get it in the form of raw or dried fruit and juice or extract oil. No matter in what form we decide to eat, bring us a whole lot of health benefits. Here are a few of them.

In traditional Chinese medicine, heart & powder this fruit is often added to preparations containing very tart herbs, which allows you to mitigate their harmful effects on the stomach. It is also the main ingredient in many Chinese …

Cleansing the blood of toxins

Saponins and alkaloids present in the fruit jujuby claim are directly associated with cleansing of blood and elimination of harmful toxins from the body. Antioxidant properties help prevent many disorders and diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as reduce the load on the immune and lymphatic system.

Stress and anxiety and a good night’s sleep

The Chinese dates have a sedative effect. Application of the oil extract of jujuby or consumption of fruit will help maintain appropriate levels of hormones and feeling calm, relaxation of body and mind. People who suffer from a chronic, chronic stress or anxiety, it can make snacks of dried fruit jujuby or the use of a supplement that contains their extract. For the same reasons, jujuba may prove helpful in case of problems with falling asleep.

The immune system

Fruit jujuby may positively influence the immune system with antioxidants, including vitamins C, A and many healthy organic compounds and acids. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, dangerous by-products of cellular respiration that are responsible for many of the chronic diseases and ailments of the body. Vitamin C also stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are the first line of Defense of our immune system.

Strong bones

One of the best ways to strengthen the bones is consuming the right dose of minerals. Increasing intake of substances such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, which is a rich source of jujuba, we can affect the better condition of the bones. The addition of Chinese dates to the diet will help delay or prevent diseases that appears with age, such as for example. osteoporosis.

Apple cider vinegar probiotic

Homemade apple cider vinegar is one of these probiotics, which we prepare in the home. However, I will start with a short explanation of what are probiotics. Well, commonly accepted that during the treatment with antibiotics should be taken in conjunction probiotic purchased in a pharmacy. So much knowledge about probiotics has most of society.

Apple cider vinegar probioticThe name of the probiotic-pro bios comes from the Greek language and means-for life. In short, probiotics are microorganisms that have a positive effect on the bacterial flora of the body. In 2002, FAO/WHO defined probiotics as micro-organisms, in appropriate dosages benefit the body of the host. The functions of probiotics can play a variety of organisms, however, the most popular such is a lactic acid bacterium. In very rare cases the administration of probiotics is not advisable, however, this does not apply to people totally healthy. So is health keep better resign from the pharmacy on behalf of those preparations probiotic natural produced at home.

Apple Cider vinegar can cure everything from the flu to the nipple or from sunburn to dandruff. Can help to overcome many serious diseases. Unfortunately, many people do not use natural therapy, only goes back to the pharmaceutical drugs. Believe in the power of film.

The benefits of Apple Cider vinegar come from medicinal compounds contained in it, such as: acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes. Science has verified this information through empirical evidence observed over the centuries.

Apple Cider vinegar can kill lice, facilitate digestion, prevents flu, prevents acne, reduces inflammation, kills fungi, regulates the pH balance, dissolve kidney stones, helps relieve allergies, migraines, asthma, nausea, heartburn and removes toxins from the the body.

Apple Cider vinegar, and allergies

Vinegar helps remove mucus throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. Studies suggest that Apple Cider vinegar can help allergy due to its ability to reduce the mucus and sinus infection.

When we restrict the effects of allergies, we can also help stave off sinus infections and related symptoms, such as sore throat and headaches.

Apple Cider vinegar, and high cholesterol

Despite everything, I recommend you do not deal with cholesterol. It does not threaten our health. As already low cholesterol is dangerous. However, let’s take the research from 2006 year given in Medscape General Medicine.

In a study published in the international medical journal, researchers found that a diet with an increased amount of Apple Cider vinegar may increase HDL (adopted good cholesterol) and reduce triglyceride levels. Studies in rats also suggest that Apple Cider vinegar can help control triglycerides and cholesterol

Apple Cider vinegar restores acid/alkaline balance

Apple Cider vinegar helps the body maintain healthy alkaline pH level, and some “alternative” practitioners recommend Apple Cider vinegar to balance the level of acidity and alkalinity in the body. The theory of the alkaline diet is as follows: our blood is slightly alkaline (7.35 7.45 and pH between normal levels) because the diet should reflect this level of pH. The body constantly strives to achieve this balance.

Research shows that a higher concentration of acid (lower pH) leads to a lack of energy and more frequent diseases. Proponents of the theory of alkali-acid believe that a diet rich in foods, which produces acid causes: lack of energy, excessive production of mucus, infection, anxiety, irritability, headache, sore throat, nose and sinuses, allergic reactions and an increased risk of diseases, such as arthritis, or gout.

A healthy face and hair

Apple Cider vinegar can be used after washing hair with shampoo as a hair rinse to add volume and healthy shine. Keep an old shampoo bottle and fill it 1/2 tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar. Pour the mixture on your hair immediately after washing. Apply it several times a week.

Dilute the Apple Cider vinegar in two parts water, and place the cotton ball on the face. Use potions as toner after washing or before applying the lotion. You can also apply the Apple Cider vinegar directly on the spots and leave it overnight to lighten their color.

Acetic acid has strong antimicrobial and can eliminate some of the bacteria.

According to a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, School of Medicine, Department of Hospital Epidemiology in the United States, vinegar can assist in the Elimination of pathogens, including bacteria.

Vinegar traditionally is used to clean and disinfect, fungal nail treatment, head lice, and ear infections.

However, many of these uses has not been proven scientifically.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, use vinegar for cleaning wounds.

Vinegar is also used as a preservative for food and studies have shown that it inhibits the growth of bacteria (such as e. coli) in food to prevent spoiling of foodstuffs.

If you are looking for a natural way to extend the life of food … it’s apple cider vinegar can be very useful.

There are also isolated reports that the diluted apple cider vinegar can be used in the fight against acne when used directly on the skin, but does not find any scientific studies that confirm, so it can be taken with a grain of salt.

Summary: the main substance in vinegar, acetic acid can eliminate bacteria and/or prevent their reproduction. Vinegar has a long history of use as a disinfectant and preservative food.