Immunity – Facts and myths

Immunity systemThe immunity of the organism is nothing more than its defensive reactions, which are designed to eliminate dangerous microbes, viruses and bacteria. The immune system is responsible for the protection of our body. It contains the following organs: spleen, thymus, bone marrow and lymph nodes. The immune system also forms the skin, mucous membranes, blood leukocytes and some bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Here are some of the misleading statements about resilience and a handful of scientifically-proven facts that will make the fight against an army of viruses, bacteria, and other microbes happen – hopefully easier.

Thymus is an organ necessary for the development of immunity

The fact of the thymus primarily produces lymphoid cells – Tymocyty (T lymphocytes), and they shape the immune system. The number of cells depends on the stability of the immune system or, in other words, its strength or weakness (in the case of deficient lymphocytes in the body, our resistance is severely impaired). The thymus also produces tymulinę and tymozynę. The first hormone stimulates the production of T cells, the second accelerates their maturation and plays an important role in combating autoimmune diseases. The Problem is that the thymus, which reaches its optimal size when we are still bimature, after puberty begins to decrease slowly, and in some even fades. This means one thing: the cells of the thymus that wander into the peripheral lymphatic tissues of adults one them already with a stroke or not at all. In a word, in old age we will only benefit from what we earn as a young one.

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Guardian immunity is… spleen

The fact of the spleen is delicate and not too large, and one of its functions is to support our immunity. Being part of the lymphatic system of the spleen it participates in the production of lymphocytes, i.e. immune cells. It also produces antibodies needed to fight infections. So what happens when it is necessary to remove the spleen, eg. Because of the rupture or disease of this organ? The body functions, but its immunity is no longer the same as before.

This healthier body is hardened

The fact is not only popular wisdom, but the fact that scientists confirm – the body is hardened less susceptible to infection. It is no wonder that the authors of most health guides suggest: “Hartuj, and you will be healthier.” But how to do it?

Too long to stay outdoors in cooler days weakens the immune system

The myth of the fresh air is worth staying as long as possible, and it is no matter what the weather is. Being outdoors, especially on colder days, strengthens our resilience, not – as some people say – weakens it. However, we need to remember the appropriate clothing, so that we will not be too cold or too warm. Of course, staying in the open air is not to rely on a situation in the place, but on sports or physically active in any other way. Even ordinary walks have a positive impact on our immune system, especially those of regular and long.

Stress has a negative effect on the functioning of the immune system

The fact of long-term stress, anxiety, restlessness, hostility, depression, accumulated tensions are factors osłabiającymi the immune system, because between emotions and the immune system there is a greater dependence than we think. American scientists have found that people who are constantly stressed, have less active lymphocytes, which means lower resistance to external factors, such as viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is worth to be able to cope with stress, because of the stress itself-unfortunately-rather of our life will not eliminate. How best? There is no single universal prescription, because for each of us it is an individual matter. It is definitely worth to find time to relax, learn to think positively and not to blame for everything, except to have a good friend, to walk for walks and to practice sports.
There are different types of natural immunity preparations in pharmacies. However, their use does not make much sense

Myth in the period of increased morbidity, preparations of plant origin may be used, because they have immunostimulant properties and increase the natural defence Forces of the organism (they raise antibody levels, thus preventing the development of Infection).

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