Ways to effectively lose weight

Ways to effectively lose weightEffective weight loss is a real art. Most of us have many diets and attempts to shake off the extra pounds. Even if by reducing calorie intake did we lose weight, usually lost during diet weight returned. So what do to weight loss turned out to be long-lasting? Here are the ten commandments that make losing weight more efficiently.

Effective weight loss requires a bit more effort, but the results may surprise you. Try the following recommendations concerning the basic principles of weight loss. Perhaps at the beginning will be difficult to implement. But soon it turns out that new habits will become second nature and you will yourself to imagine a return to the old diet and lifestyle. Remember: lose weight is only half the battle. When you lose weight, you have to get used to your body to the new weight, keeping it for months. In this way you can get that will be much more difficult. Remember this, when the euphoria after descending from the scale showing the dream the number of pounds you’ll want to reach for something that must have eaten, struggling with the. Here are the 10 Commandments for effective weight loss.

Weight loss is a process that you need to plan for an extended period of time

The majority of the diet, especially those very extreme, is based mainly on water loss. After them the body as soon as he returns to its former weight. They have meaning only when within a few days you need to lose a few inches at the waist to fit into your favorite dress and look good on the big ball. While used too often make your body’s havoc: the yo-yo makes more and more tyjesz, and periods of breatharianism slow down the metabolism so that subsequent attempts to bring more and worse effects. It is therefore better to talk not about diet, and to change the diet and the whole process to plan for many months: prepare for slow weight loss and periods, when despite the efforts, the weight or budge.

Weight loss will bring effect, if you eat small portions, but more often

It has been proven scientifically that eating the same product in two meals during the day can lead to gaining weight, and in five meals – for weight loss. This is due to the fact that your body, accustomed from arguing it vehemently to periods of famine, is trying to do inventory on “rainy day” in the form as you drove your waist line. Two meals a day is a signal that the food supplies to arrive and the time to prepare for the post. While eating small portions of four-five times a day, you give your body that food does not run out and all the energy you can safely consume on current needs, and even reduce the accumulated stocks.

Slimming will be thoughtful and effective if you plan your meals

Rethinking what You eat tomorrow is a great way to follow your diet and not to eat fluxing things. It will allow you to plan meals eaten at work (and their prior preparation), make a shopping list and get used to regular hours of meals. This way you will not be forced to eat in junk food, because you forgot to take something to work, and you can easily control what and how much you eat throughout the day. And if, however, the traditional approach to weight loss is not for you, check out the Fit Me Thai page, where you will find many products that effectively accelerate weight loss.

During weight loss, drink approx. Two litres of unsweetened liquids per day

Of course, the water is not carbonated. Why? Fat is broken down with water and without water there is no weight loss. Of course, you should abandon all sweetened drinks, and light version, sweetened sweetened. It is true, these drinks are not calorie, but it does not solve the whole problem. Sweeteners, whether or not having calories, make the insulin appear in your body – the mechanism of secretion is coupled with sweet taste. So we fall in blood sugar and the feeling of hunger appears. Although the drinks themselves are low-calorie, they make you eat more.

If you lose weight, carefully read the labels of the products you buy. Don’t get swept up in the advertising and the assurances of manufacturers that their products are organic and healthy. At the time of purchase it is interesting to note that the category “light” was not exactly specified and each producer may mean something quite different: low-fat product, or with less sugar, or low-calorie. So let’s see, what you eat. And keep in mind that skimmed products often contain enough carbohydrates, that does not help you in weight loss.

Physical exercise will help weight loss

Fat burning is the fastest by a very intense effort. The experts are saying about the March, enough to be a talk without a screeching halt. You may want to so at least part of the way to work, take a walk? 10 thousand steps it might a little, but repeated regularly gives really visible effects. Stand at least ten minutes within each hour. Is another way for a bit of traffic. Essential for all those who spend most of the day in a sitting position. To stimulate metabolism simply does not sit in the tram or bus, standing up, or the quiet wait at the bus stop.

In slimming, you have so far put enough energy to produce the desired effect. However, the flat belly as there was, so no. The desire is not enough – you still need expertise. That’s why we gathered in one place the most likely bugs that could saboted your effort. These 7 marked in red are really common. Read, think about, and try again. Now seriously.

Because you live in stress

Stress is another factor very strongly disruptive to hormonal balance. If you are for a long time subjected to its action (it can cause not only trouble at work or at home, but also too frequent and exhausting workouts), in your body begins to rage cortisol – a stress hormone. Its excess promotes the storage of fat and hinders its combustion, and in addition-as shown in the study conducted in Mexico-increases the appetite and the risk that you do not get a calorie snack.

Because you’re not practicing with weights

You spend hours on the treadmill and Orbitreku, you count the calories burned, and the effect is not seen specifically? It’s hard to get surprised, since cardio training with a uniform intensity (e.g. when you run for several kilometers at the same speed) in burning fat much more effective is strength training (the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn the body) or Interval training, in which periods of very intense effort are intersperted with short, active breaks. With it, you burn fat not only during exercise, but long after it, because it raises the metabolic rate.

Because you have enough traffic

How often do you train? If you are three times a week, you are sure to consider yourself an active person. On the one hand, the right – many of us are not practicing at all. On the other hand, our grandmother did not exercise at all, and they were slim, because during the day they burned a lot more than us. What about an hour of running will burn a few hundred calories, since the rest of the time you sit behind the desk or in the car? Therefore, first, do not reward yourself after training an unhealthy snack (I ran, I can!), and secondly, move as soon as you can: eg. Forget about the elevator and talk on the phone, sting.

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