White tea for slimming and more

White tea-the properties of this drink are known already for a long time. Like other teas, contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which combat free radicals in the body, help protect against the onset of certain diseases, including cancer. What other activity has white tea? Is it worth it to replace her other beverages? Here are a few facts about it. How is white tea?

White teaWhite tea is obtained from the leaf buds of spring tea bushes, which first heats up steam in order to neutralize the enzymes, and then dried. So it is not subjected to multiple processing, which helps keep her rich effects. White tea is characterized by a very clear, straw coloured hue, delicate taste and aroma. It is best to choose a white tea deciduous trees and the least processed, without additional, artificial fragrances.

White tea – effects on the body

The properties of white tea are much appreciated, and thanks to its specific composition is considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world. Why owes its effects? Here are some of the advantages of drinking white tea:

  • acts refreshingly and stimulant-contains the ok. two times more caffeine than green tea and four times more than black,
  • has the largest among tea polyphenol content, which works strongly antioxidant (“sweeps” excess free radicals oxygen from the body)-so as a component of the diet can help prevent cancer or cardiovascular diseases,
  • age-defying properties, helps in the regeneration of skin cells and keeping her younger appearance for longer, is also protective against damage from UV radiation,
  • antibacterial and helps the body fight off infections,
  • promotes oral health by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria,
  • Some studies suggest that the properties of white tea may help diabetes therapy-this has the potential to relieve ailments such as polydipsia (excessive thirst and consuming drinks), and, moreover, reduces the level of glucose and increases secretion of insulin,
  • flavonoids contained in the white tea make this drink is to prevent the development of cardiovascular disease decreases because blood pressure, helps to adjust the level of lipids, and reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein low density).

Effect of white tea on the body is very versatile, so why not enjoy the popularity as black or green? The problem turns out to be price-white tea is produced on a smaller scale and more costly, especially if it comes to a good quality tea. However, given its numerous health benefits, you might want to be tempted.

White tea for weight loss: does it actually work?

There have been reports suggesting that white tea is also on the prevention of adipogenezie, which is the process of the formation of new fat cells. Catechin contained in white tea are also able to slightly speed up the metabolism, which recommends them as an aid in losing pounds on a diet of weight loss. Another component of white tea, which is considered an ally slender body, is, of course, caffeine. Similar properties to other teas-test showed for example. very positive impact green tea for weight loss. In addition, remember that drinking white tea may be insufficient change in habits. If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce the portions of food, eat more vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and say goodbye to candy, commercial snacks and fatty, fried dishes. White tea for sure but will not prevent you along the way to the goal is cute.

White tea during pregnancy – can I drink it safely?

The issue of caffeine intake in pregnancy is a matter of discussion, but officially professionals still recommend its moderate consumption. In addition, the caffeine content in tea may vary depending on the manufacturer, which showed published on American social comparison. White tea is a rich source of caffeine, so just in case, be careful. However, if you’re not drinking coffee and not przesadzisz with the amount of white tea, for example. poprzestaniesz on a Cup, should not harm you and your baby. Remember that your diet and drinks after that draw, it is always better to consult a doctor.

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